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Dashou PAB-B-NSN Barrier Gate

Call for Price

1. Normal speed of closing/opening: 2 /3 / 4 sec. optional2. Straight boom arm with rubber bar, Max.length following:

6m for 4 sec. & without anti-collision

4m for 4 sec. & with anti-collision

5m for 3 sec. & without anti-collision

4m for 3 sec. & with anti-collision

4m for 2 sec.

3. Inclusive of arm ×1 and push button ×1 which opens/closes barrier

4. Exclusive of LED light bar,remoter, boom bracket,anti-collision: need to buy extrally

5. color as yellow (default)/ orange / white / blue

6. Optional boom arm direction as leftward/rightward


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