Point of Sale (POS)

Point Of Sale (POS) Technologies Have Revolutionized The Retail, Hospitality, And Food Service Industries; and have evolved from simple manual cash registers to sophisticated systems that offer all the rich function demanded by top retailers, including sales, refunds, daily reports, cash management, warehouse management, and much more.

RAWN Technologies services combine the best features of open source software with the best features of Software as a Service (SaaS), enabling organizations to effectively own, control, and further develop and modify as needed, their own POS software application without the large expenses of hardware acquisition & maintenance, software licensing, data center facilities or an IT staff.

RAWN  Team Group can implement an open source PoS solution that can provide robust functionality including:

  • Sales, Refunds & Cash Management
  • Bar Code Scanner Integration
  • Scale integration for calculating product weights
  • Magnetic card payment integration support
  • High-quality printed receipts with multiple font options and images
  • Warehouse management with support for multiple warehouses, inventory movements, and bar-code scanned inventory counts
  • Restaurant Module with reservation management, multiple areas and graphical table layout
  • Detailed reporting and performance graphs including Cash by User, Product Sales, Tax, Warehouse, Inventory & more
  • ERP System Integration

By leveraging open source PoS software with RAWN planning, implementation and support services, even a smaller organization can afford an enterprise-class Point of Sale solution with no capital expenses, no hardware to maintain, no software license fees, and no need for on-site IT personnel. On-premises solutions are also available if desired.