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Banks and financial institutions have increasing requirements to follow regulatory guidelines, provide sophisticated client-focused services, incorporate flexible operations so as to become more competitive and profitable entities with new product offering. RAWN Technologies Ltd. has a range of award-winning and market tested solutions that provide innovative and competitive approach to Banks’ operations.

Core Banking

Core Banking, whether retail or corporate, is continuously developing to meet the increasing needs of the sector for a flexible yet reliable offering in transactions, loans, mortgages and payments.

Wealth Management

Private Banking organisations need a robust wealth management software and solutions with a client-centric approach, including effective management and innovative portfolio monitoring tools that enable Relationship Managers to focus on their clients’ needs.

Peer-to-Peer Lending/Crowdfunding

The new finance model of Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2PL) has reshaped the financial industry over the past few years with new and innovative platforms introducing new lending services. 

Alternative Finance

The Alternative Finance sector is growing rapidly, with many new Banks entering and competing in the field. This new way of banking involves smaller, lighter banking schemes aiming at offering more flexible and focused services to consumers.

Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking is a fast growing sector, expanding outside the Middle East, Asia and Africa, where some Banks have turned to Islamic Banking services as a new approach to ethical banking, and therefore need Islamic Banking software to manage those services.

Leasing and Financing

Financial & Leasing Institutions, whether conventional or Islamic, need a system to automate and manage their loan and financing enquiries, from origination to write-off.

Private Banks

Private Banks form a category to themselves, as they provide a specialised and dedicated range of Banking and Wealth Management services. Private Banks need a flexible operational environment to provide exceptional services to high-net-worth families’ & individuals’ assets.

Personal Banking

New customer expectations shape the domain of Personal Banking, with satisfaction and loyalty becoming vital. Affluent clients need additional attention and tailored services, so Banks must differentiate their service to meet the diverse needs of this client segment.


Payments and transfers require a strong back-end system to support and monitor demanding financial related requirements.


Efficient management of treasury operations is necessary to increase revenue, lower costs and minimise risks, for both Banks and Corporations.


The custody market has seen significant changes in recent years, with a variety of increased requirements and new regulations. The Custody solution comprehensively covers all the needs of the Custodian Services market and provides the required flexibility to continuously adjust to its ever evolving needs. 


Banking and Loan Management organizations are demanding more sophisticated and advanced processes to monitor and manage loans and collections, given the developments in the financial services sector over the past years.