Solutions – Financial Institutes- Risk and Compliance

Capital Management (Basel II/III)

Financial Institutions are faced with increasing pressure not only to meet their regulatory mandates, but to go beyond regulatory compliance requirements and meet very strict timelines. Further, Economic Capital and Profitability optimisation are internal drivers for Banks to address fierce competition.


Governace Risk & Compliance (GRC)

GRC elements need consolidation and effective management to ensure the best operational practice. Profile Software helps organisations manage their Governance, Risk and Compliance while reducing risk and effort, ensuring efficient and secure information reporting.

Market Risk (VaR)

The risk of potential losses arising from movements in portfolio’s underlying risk factors is something that needs to be thoroughly measured and managed. The need for regulatory compliance, to forecast the value at risk, to perform stress testing scenarios analyses and specialised sensitivites calculations models are in brief the capabilities of Profile Software’s advanced market risk solution.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML/CTF)

Controlling and monitoring money transfers, capital and client behaviour is becoming extremely important for financial organisations trying to protect their business. Country regulations have become more stringent to ensure proper business conduct and prevent money laundering and confirm the source of money.


Asset Liability Management (ALM)

Asset Liability Management processes and responsibility are guided by formal policies that are needed for the smooth operation of any organisation. Ensuring standard reports, risk profile evaluations, liquidity risk management, measuring and managing risk return and ‘what-if’ scenario simulations are a must for any enterprise.

Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP)

Evaluating the profitability of deposits and loans presents a challenge to any Bank. With the traditional model no longer sufficient, it is absolutely essential for the accurate pricing of the Bank’s commercial products, performance evaluation and organisational strategy to have a sound method of calculating the fund transfer price.