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Algorithmic Trading

Algo-Trading makes trading more systematic by ruling out emotional human impacts on trading activities. Algo-Trading can offer highly profitable opportunities.

Mobile Data Feed

The Mobile Data Feed solution is a native application for Real-Time market data streaming on iPhone® and iPad® mobile devices, developed by RAWN Technologies Ltd.

Online Trading

Real-time market monitoring, portfolio viewing and order routing capabilities for stocks and derivatives are imperative for Investment Firms, Brokerage Firms, Banks and Private Investors. You need a robust and effective tool to rely on for your business.


Shareholders Management

For listed companies, managing and attending to their shareholders’ needs is important to keep them updated, communicate changes as they happen and also attract more to enhance their image.

Real-Time Data Feed

Selecting the right real-time data feed monitoring application for the stock exchange markets (both spot and derivative) depends largely on business requirements.