School ERP

List of Initial Modules available for start your business

General Setup
General Setup is the place where to configure basic Openbravo settings such as the enterprise model, users and roles as well as other more advance setting such as alerts, preferences and processes.
Master Data Management
Mater Data is a central repository of data where key information such as business partners and products can be created, configured and therefore shared accross other Openbravo application areas.
Procurement Management
Procurement Management supports the management of the orders, goods receipts and purchase invoices as well as the analysis of purchase related data.

Warehouse Management
Warehouses and storage bins can be created and manage in this application area, as well as inventory count and inventory valuation.
Production Management
Production Management monitors the production processes and activities as well as support the analysis of production related data.
Material Requirement Planning
MRP provides the tools to plan and monitor purchase and production planning by tracking several inputs such as sales forecast and current stock levels.
Sales Management
Sales Management addresses the life-cycle of a sales process and besides provides the tools to analyze sales related information.
Project and Service Management
Project and Services Management addresses services and multiphase projects and helps on analyzing project related reports.
Financial Management
The “Financial Management” area supports daily accounting activities such as payable and receivable accounts management, assets amortization as well as the opening and closing of the accounting year.
This module provides the infrastructure necessary to use OLAP Cubes in Openbravo. This module has been created in order to enhance Openbravo with the ability to do Analytical Analysis. This module provides the basic infrastructure and tools for Analytical Reporting. With this module it is possible to define an OLAP Cube through Application Dictionary and then use it to create Analytical Reports.
Business Process Automation
This module provides the create flexible process automation (workflow) process on any business flow with an in built feature of mailing and alerts integration.
Openbravo Retail Suit
Multichannel commerce solution for agile retailers

Education Management
1. Current Students, Teachers and Staffs Database with the picture.
2. Fees Collection with Mobile Banking
3. Result processing for internal exam and Download Facilities
4. Transcription, Testimonial, Transfer Certificate
5. Teachers and Staff Job Creation and Job Posting
6. Notice Board with Scrolling News, Class Routine, Curriculum and Associated and Co-Education
7. Public and University Exam based Teachers, Students and Guardian Corner
8. Different Content Download Corner
9. Different Committee Identification and Visitor count at Website of School.
10. Admission Process and Exam at Online
11. Guardians and Students SMS Notification
12. Teachers, Staff and Students Attendance
13. Teachers, Staff Leave, Salary Sheet and Institutes Account and Finance
14. Institute History, Physical Status, Master Plan, Academic Calendar, Holiday List and Class Routine
15. Important and Necessary Web Link
16. Photo Gallery, Voice of Head, Email option to Head and Communication Address
17. Passed Students Information, Passed Head of Institutes and Public Exam Result
18. The Web Control Panel