Food and Beverage

RAWN tech provided food and beverage production management system. By connecting directly to plant floor machines and equipment and providing integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and ERP functionality, rawntech handles every aspect of the manufacturing operations to ensure food and beverage companies can maximize efficiency and minimize cost and risk.


The Garment Software is specially made for managing the various steps in order processing of garments manufacturing process. This software is modular in design and is web enabled for remote access as well as intranet usage without the need to install in every machine.


information of the customer,stock information and warehouse detail of a textile industry having different branches has to be maintained in an organized manner in such a way that it can be easily retrieved.
The flow of goods and services are to be monitored at intervals period . In such a case the need for handling volumes of data in the textile industry has become a critical and a major issue. Taking these requirements of the client into consideration Retail Experts has developed the Textile Management System.

Distributions and Delivery

Distribution and delivery is an important part of your business plan. How you get your products and services into your customers’ hands is what distribution and delivery is all about. Not all businesses are equally concerned with distribution and delivery systems, of course.


Our education management systems provide a unique combination of innovative educational administration software, strategies, and services developed


Managing documents, training, and business processes are nightmares shared by all pharmaceutical and biotech companies and RAWN tech provides pharmaceutical quality management software systems to take them out from that nightmare. RAWN tech  exchanges the nightmares for a dream of a solution that enables these companies to get their products to market faster and improve compliance at the same time. RAWN tech has been specifically designed to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies manage all documents and automate regulatory-related processes and training in a single platform.