ERP Consulting Services

ERP Consulting Services

RAWN Technologies provides a complete suite of professional ERP consulting services to ensure the success of your project! CYOP does not maintain any ERP reseller relationships so we can be 100% vendor-neutral when recommending ERP solutions to our clients.

  • ERP Software Selection

  • ERP Project Planning & Management

  • ERP Implementation, Customization & Data Migration

  • ERP Training & Ongoing Support

Vision of an ERP System

RAWN has a vision of an effective ERP system that consists of three simple rules that, if not violated, have the ability to literally transform a business. These three simple mandates are:

  1. All data is entered only once and shared through a fully integrated system so there is no re-keying of information.
  2. All information necessary to perform any job function is electronically online and not filed on paper or a disconnected system (i.e. Joe’s PC).
  3. There is electronic communication so that any authorized employee may service any customer or vendor as if they had handled that account from the beginning of time until now.