a Private Limited Company by Share. Complete IT Solution house. Since- 2012. Inc. No. C-103775.

4 Directors. 4 Management. 1 Platform Architects. 2 Technical Architects.

RAWN Technologies Ltd. is a reputed ICT solution and consulting company, operating in

Bangladesh since 2012 under the umbrella of the most renowned business conglomerate. Our

customers typically engage us to analyze their business processes and thereafter assist them in

their technology-driven business transformations.

RAWN Technologies does posses the vision to evolve into a globally competent software house

offering quality ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Billing software, CRM Management, Database

solution and services and provide enterprise-class, web enabled, fully IT integrated and autonomous

OSS/BSS, SDP and SOA software solutions that enhances business communication, data

visualization, multi-tier aggregation and real-time monitoring which in turn expedites the total business process and maximize profitability.

We have proven domain knowledge in areas of enterprise resource planning, web-based application

development, retail and wholesale management, human resources management, hospital

management and restaurant management and so on.

RAWN Technologies Ltd. has been supporting clients nationwide in managing the evolving role of

information technology in business. As a strategic business partner, we provide diversified IT

solutions and services that support attainment of our clients’ business objectives. Our services and

solutions include, ERP Implementation, Software development, Total Business IT Solutions, customized

application software development, Web Application Development, Database Implementation and

Adequate solutions for the clients.

RAWN Technologies Ltd. provides quality and cost-competitive services and solutions to maximize

return on IT investments. Our domain knowledge, industry experience and IT project

implementation capacity and capability enable us to address our clients’ requirements exclusively.

We combine the best of technologies, processes, strategies, and our extensive industry experience to

enable our clients to succeed. We design, implement, and support end-to-end IT solutions and

services. Our goal is to improve performance, maximize IT investments, and, ultimately, create a

competitive business advantage for our customers.

Advantage of being with RAWN Technologies Ltd.

As an information system solution provider and system integrator, RAWN Technologies Ltd.

has been providing the following business services since its inception in 2005:

1. We have experience in system design, development, customization, implementation and

maintenance ERP solutions in different vertical industries

2. IT consultancy services in the following business verticals: Telecommunications, Financial

Service Industry, e-Governance

3. Project management (Scope analysis, time, cost, quality, HR, Communication, Risk and

Procurement management)

4. Be-spoke / customized application solutions using 3

5. System integration

6. Oracle core technology products (Database, Applications Server and Development Suite)

7. Support Services on Bespoke applications, Data Warehouse Business Intelligence, IT

Infrastructure and DBA (24 by 7, onsite, on-call and remote online)


Mission of RAWN Technologies is to fabricate outstanding ITES Solutions in the oversees which is a

must to form the path of development of the country through foreign renitence earning.


Our vision is to accelerate the IT progress in Bangladesh with innovative, rational, and industrial ICT

Professionals who are determined to prove RAWN Technologies as the midpoint of all progress of ICT

sector in Bangladesh.

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