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Retail & Magento Integration

Cleardrop Module delivers a comprehensive suite of award winning, fully web-based and mobile solutions that combines POS, In store, Loyalty, Online, Product review and Employee data into actionable transparency in the on- and off-line stores.

We provide to our customers a cost-competitive open retail platform that allows maximum connectivity with external applications like reporting, eCommerce, shippers and EDI. Our off-the-shelf retail solution is built around Openbravo ERPOpenbravo webPOS and Magento eCommerce. In addition we offer connectivity to Sweettooth and Appcard loyalty programmes. Combine this with Mailchimp marketing and your retail business is equipped to compete.

The modern retailer knows that seamless operations, vendor management, and multi-channel customer experience is the key to greater efficiency and higher returns. In the age when the customers can buy everything sitting at home on a laptop or on the smartphone on their way to work, visibility and easy accessibility can help a retailing business reach its potential with greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

With rapidly changing trends and customer needs, managing and predicting demands and supply becomes a crucial factor for investment, expected returns and relationship management. If you are a retailer looking to streamline store operations, accelerate new product introduction, manage financial performance across regions, we have just the right solution for your company. Take a look at our key features for driving multi-channel retail performance to know more about what we have to offer you.


Key features


Openbravo webPOS is a modern, high usable store solution. Retail sales and brands are enhanced by POS software that runs on PC, tablet, smartphone and iPod. It is web-based and also runs in off-line mode. Connect tomultimedia payment terminals and record all transactions live in Openbravo ERP.
The days of managing data in multiple applications are gone: maintain all master data of products and pricing for your webshop in Openbravo ERP. Synchronize customer, stock and sales data from the webshop into Openbravo ERP’s central database. Hier klikken om te bewerken.
Know your customers: identify your customer on and offline. Giving your customers the benefits of a loyalty program, they will return the favour by giving you information on who they are and where/when they buy your products. Use this information to offer them tailored promotions.
Business Intelligence
Literally all your data in one single database! Easily extract data and leverage it for actionable management and operational reports. Easily realize relationships between data – not in days and countless spreadsheets – just a few clicks.
Integrating truly powerful forecasting capability into Openbravo ERP’s planning engine and leveraging POS data, your organisation knows exactly when and how much to order on store level. Get reorder points, order quantities and sales forecasts. Identify overstock and under stock within minutes. The first ERP to support quantile forecasting! 
Every transaction with accounting significance is registered into the ledger in real-time. See your store’s results any time of the day. Quickly manage month-end close as all sales, purchase, stock transactions are already in your books.  Easily match your bank statements with your invoices using advanced algoritms.
Using differentiated replenishment rules per store create inter/intra-company replenishment orders in less time than before. Reduce administation in your franchise organisation by auto-creating orders in seller and purchaser companies. 
Campaign management
Target customers by a specific region or any other critical characteristic, like specific sales of product category. Target them with personalized promotions. It is proven fact that personalized communication results in higher conversion rates.
Plan and activate advanced mix and match type discounts ahead of time. Have the ability to activate promotions for central headquarters to only the stores that you want to carry them. Store personnel don’t need to worry about managing the promotions in their POS. It’s all taken care of from the ERP!
Franchise business
Include your franchisers on the same platform and leverage the use of automated inter- and intracompany processes to make a significant step in efficiency of your administration. Share POS data for better forecasting and reduced inventory in the supply chain.


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Wintec
  • Model Number: POS Plus
  • Color: White
  • CPU: 32bits CPU
  • Wifi: 802.11/b/g WiFi

Packaging & Delivery

Delivery Detail: 28 days


Support PAD with WiFi
Extend interfaces like USB, RS232 and RJ11
3 tracks MSR
With stylus pen
Turn PAD as an all in one POS






POS Plus Feather:

  • Support iPAD and  Android PAD with WiFi
  • Extend interfaces like USB, RS232 and RJ11 for
  • 3 tracks magnetic card reader
  • Withstylus pen
  •  Turn a PAD into an  All-in-one POS, support stand printer and Pin pad, and common cash drawer .








32bits CPU
802.11/b/g WiFi
3 tracksMSR, optional PCI MSR
Capacitive stylus pen
Interfaces:3*USB, 1*DB9 (for Printer), 1*RJ45(RS232) for Pin P AD,1*RJ11 for (Cash Drawer)
12V/1A DC adapter
Rotatable bracket for 9.7” iP AD and 10.1”  Android P AD
3rd partysoftware driver