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Corporation / Factory biometric solution and Time Attendance

Openbravo solution highly secure your office / factory with different authorizations and easy integratibility

Security & employee time management are crucial to all corporations / factories & chain stores. We closely work with the business owner or security management teams to meet their demands to protect their property, employees, visitors, facilities or inventory. Employees / managers have different authorizations to access the building and all employees presence time can be easily managed.

We also provide the fingerprint or finger vein solutions to avoid “buddy clocking” issue and offer high performance solutions to meet the demands of some large factories with many employees getting off work at the same time. Time attendance features combined with access control features to reduce the cost and simplify the system

For chain stores or branch offices in different cities, we offer the centralized management solutions to make things easier on attendance management.

Bangladesh business relies on biometric solution with Openbravo.

Jamal Uddin Textiles Ltd. JTL, a Textiles manufacturer in Bangladesh, has recently enhanced its Openbravo HR and fingerprint time and attendance system with a new model to improve management of about 300 employees at Narayanganj factories.

Jamal Uddin Textiles Ltd (Bangladesh) established has two branches in Bangladesh with an estimated 500 staff nationwide. The company contacted RAWN Technologies Ltd., an authorised Openbravo distributor, to discuss their requirements and solution options.

RAWN Technologies Ltd. clearly expressed that they wanted a new solution from Openbravo for the efficient management of checking staff attendance at both factories. This requirement includes obtaining staff information from all departments in both branches and managing all records from one single platform. With this in mind, RAWNTECH proposed a Openbravo solution that includes several units of the new biometric recorders installed throughout their facilities.

The top-managements of RAWN Technologies Ltd. have been very satisfied with the Openbravo solution, as, according to the company it has exactly met their requirements. The installation of biometric time and attendance systems at RAWN Technologies Ltd. adds to the growing list of successful Openbravo technology projects.


As a retailer, are you prepared for the challenge? Assess how competitive your company is

As a retailer, are you prepared for the challenge?
Go through this quick quiz and discover how competitive your company is!
  1. How difficult is it for your business to launch new products and campaigns?
  2. Would you say that your business is sufficiently agile when it comes to opening new stores, rolling out new store technologies, training personnel?
  3. Rate how well you currently offer a seamless shopping experience to your clients across all sales channels.
    • A-Yes, these processes are profitable.
    • B-No, these processes are not profitable.
    • C – The business currently does not support these processes.
      Looking at your omnichannel capabilities, would you say your click & collect and click & return processes are profitable?*
  4. Can you identify your clients at the point of sale and know their level of customer satisfaction?
  5. Do your store associates have the necessary tools to offer a good assisted sale?
  6. Would you say that you spend too much time on routine operations such as opening and closing checkouts, changing shifts, managing cash, etc?
  7. Would you say that your in-store replenishment processes are sufficiently well optimized?*Consider factors such as the speed of goods reception, your ability to optimize stock levels, correct errors, and so on.
  8. Do you have mechanisms to prevent internal fraud in your stores?These could include the ability to rapidly detect discrepancies in cash in the tills, additional checks on sensitive operations such as refunds, etc.
  9. Can you easily analyze key performance indicators such as product turnover, the profitability of the sales channels, or the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customers by segment?*
  10. Considering all the information that you have supplied above, how well prepared would you say your business is to compete in the marketplace in comparison to your competitors?*