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BASIS SOFTEXPO is the annual mega exposition and the largest showcase of IT and ITES products and services in the private sector of Bangladesh. We are pleased to announce that BASIS SOFTEXPO 2018 is scheduled to be held from February 22-25, 2018 at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC). The 4-day event will be a congregation of ICT companies, personalities, key policy makers, industry leaders and other ICT stakeholders.

It is expected that BASIS SOFTEXPO 2018 will be bigger and better than before. Especially inclusion of Software showcasing Zone, Mobile Innovation Zone, Digital Commerce Zone, ITES & BPO Zone and B2B Matchmaking under the same umbrella will add a significant meaning to the entire initiative. In this context, SOFTEXPO would be a unique opportunity for Software and ITES companies to showcase their products and services before the enormous number of local and international visitors and to meet prospective buyers.


Industry Perspective



From a general economic point of view, digitization can benefit an emerging market like Bangladesh more than it can benefit a developed market. Developed countries rely chiefly on domestic consumption, which makes no tradable sectors important. Across developed economies, digitization improves productivity and has a measurable effect on growth. However, the result can be job losses because of lower skill, lower-value-added work is sent abroad to emerging markets, where labor is cheaper. By contrast, emerging markets are more export-oriented and driven by tradable sectors. They tend to gain more from digitization’s effect on employment than from its influence on growth. In a nutshell, what digitization takes away from the developed market, gives back to an emerging market. If Bangladesh can harness the benefit of digitization, it can be created so many jobs and opportunities.

To understand the stance of Bangladesh’s IT/IT Enabled Services industry, a SWOT analysis is presented in the following-


  • Abundant, young, trainable labor.
  • Among the lowest IT/ITES labor costs in comparison to India, China and Pakistan.
  • Apparently supportive government and active industry associations.


  • Quantity, quality and relevance of skilled workforce are inadequate
  • Weak and uncoordinated industry promotion despite a generally negative country image and lack of visibility as a potential IT/ITES destination.
  • Weak, unreliable and inconsistent infrastructure overall.
  • Too much government interest with resulting lack of coordination, fragmented and desperate initiatives.
  • Poor business environment in terms of corruption, time to set up business, and recent security challenge
  • No cohesive workforce development initiatives targeting youth or females.


  • Global financial crisis means companies are looking for places to cut additional costs, a possible opportunity for Bangladesh, with low labor cost, to access the market
  • IT Park-type activity to define a manageable space within which the larger issues of infrastructure, policy and image can be more successfully addressed


  • Resource crunch as skilled labor is taken by other business sectors
  • Declining number of enrollments in IT courses
  • Insufficient English proficiency to capture ITES related business opportunities including call centers
  • Lack of action in addressing infrastructure issues, policy and regulatory framework to improve business environment
  • Potential for strikes (‘hartals’) and shutdowns that could paralyze commercial activity.


ICT Progresses


The political commitment of the government to build an ICT-based society is good. Several ICT related laws have been passed in the last couple of years which are essential to regulate this sector. The government has decided to build a tech park in Dhaka to facilitate the progress of ICT sector. But still, there are many deficiencies in the regulatory framework and infrastructure development of ICT sector. Overcoming these deficiencies is the biggest challenge for implementing the vision of a ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

Software & Outsourcing

The IT/ITes sector of Bangladesh has grown considerably in recent years. Today, it accounts for more than 1,500 registered IT/ITes service provider employing over 250,000 ICT professionals. The total IT/ITeS revenue generated by the country reached approximately US$600 million for the period 2013-2014 with export revenue accounting for US$250 million, including the freelance outsourcing segment. It is no surprise then, that global technology research house, Garner has to include Bangladesh in top 30 outsourcing destination in 2015 Bangladesh is also processing in the A.T. Kearney Global Services Index, moving four positions up in the 2016 ranking. Bangladesh ranked 22nd in top 25 of the 2016 A.T. Kearney Global Service Index. Software leaders hoped that this industry will contribute 1 percent of GDP in coming years. Apps development also was most talked and inspiring among the youth. With the growth of smartphone market, the mobile app development sector will grow phenomenally, as more subscribers will be downloading and using the apps on their phone.

e-Commerce / m-Commerce

In last five years, perhaps this sector has seen the most significant growth. 95% (estimated) annual growth in the e-Commerce sector. There was a concern whether general people would find it appealing to buy online but the growth rate of e-commerce sites has diminished that concern. Toady e-Commerce sites are mushrooming to cater different aspects of individual needs. Today, it counts more than 1000+ e-commerce Shops are registered.On the other hand, m-Commerce or Mobile Commerce refers to wireless electronic commerce used for conducting commerce or business through a handy device like the cellular phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs). In other words, it is the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, a Personal digital assistant (PDA), a Smartphone, or other emerging mobile equipment such as dashpot mobile devices It is the next generation wireless e-commerce that needs no wire and plug-in devices. As of January 2016, 30 million 18.75% penetration in smart Smart-Phone user. In recent views, 2000+ m-commerce organization are registered. The total number of Mobile Internet Subscribers has reached 62.968 million at the end of September 2016. Mobile commerce is usually called as ‘m-Commerce’ in which user can do any sort of transaction including buying and selling of the goods, asking any services, transferring the ownership or rights, transacting and transferring the money by accessing wireless internet service on the mobile handset itself. In recent days monthly transaction of m-commerce is over 1.4 billion. Marketers hope that by 2025, the number of online shoppers will be 34 million.

4G and Telco

The commercial operation of 3G mobile technology has been initiated. Following various steps that were undertaken in the telecommunication sector, the number of mobile users has increased to 11.90 crore and internet users to 6.64 crores. Also, teledensity and internet density have increased respectively.

Key Facts 2018


Key Attractions of 2018

  • Showcasing of products, services and solutions.
  • Business matchmaking with Local & foreign clients
  • Over 500,000 Visitor are expected in mega exposition
  • For being young talent this “BASIS SOFTEXPO 2018” will be a platform for gathering knowledge and guideline at IT-related ideas.
  • IT Job Fair
  • Tech Session.
  • Developers Conference.

Expected No of Discussion Influencer

  • 200 Local and international Exhibitors
  • More than 800+ Government High Official & CXO’s
  • Expecting 2000+ government and private decision makers
  • Expected 1000+ Number of CEO’s
  • 30000+ Audience in Discussion Influencer

Communication Plan 2018

  • More than 35+ TV channels
  • Over 500,000+ visitors
  • 2000+ guests in the opening ceremony
  • Over 15,00,000+ Social media fans through Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, YouTube live streaming and other blog posts will be used.
  • 100+ Universities will be reached
  • 20+ Billboards in Dhaka
  • Press Conference covered by the leading news outlet
  • 35+ Channels to cover the event throughout the 4 days
  • Coverage by more than 5 Radio Stations in Bangladesh
  • Live TV coverage & live streamed online
  • More than 20 International news portals will be approached
  • More than 100+ print and online media outlets.

Area of Talk’s (Session)

  • E-Governance
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Health
  • E-Education
  • Access to Finance
  • Women in IT
  • Mobile Apps/ Games
  • Social Media
  • Cyber Security
  • Export Market Growth
  • Local Market

Major Events

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Outsourcing award lunching
  • B2B local
  • B2B International
  • IT Job Fair
  • Starts-ups
  • Facebook Session
  • Developer Conference
  • CXO & Closing night


With the recent announcement last week about the smartphone support for Openbravo POS, Openbravo for Retail completes the range of possible devices that let retailer adapt to any business scenario, ranging from PC based terminals to laptops, tablet devices and now smartphones like devices.
I would like to stress the like reference, since it is not even necessary to use an smartphone, but simply a mobile device with a supported browser and internet connectivity, with the miminum required characteristics in terms of screen size and resolution (3.5″ and 480800 pixels). As a result, retailer can use cost effective devices of around $300, like a simple iPod Touch or others.

The beauty of this is that this new capability does not mean we are distributing a new version of our solution for smartphones, but the same solution which automatically adapts its layout depending on the size of the terminal, thanks to the responsive design principleprovided by the powerful Openbravo Mobile Infraestructure. Its application to our solution was already explained by Rob Goris inthisgreat blogpost. Tablet users will usually work with the double column layout but will be able to switch to the single column layout by simply rotating the device, while smartphone users will usually work with the single column layout.

To illustrate this,a new video is available which shows Openbravo POS features in action on mobile devices,English and Spanish,which complements the one we published last week showing Openbravo POS in a sporting shoes retailer, here.

With this new capability which strenghtens Openbravos mobile retail offering, brick-and-mortar retailers get clear business benefits:
  • Simplified deployment and maintenance of a single and cross platform solution that can be run in multiple terminals, either traditional PC based or modern mobile devices like tablets or smartphones, providing the same functionality and user experience, instead of native mobile solutions which require to be installed on each mobile terminal. Only by using a browser.
  • Enable the go-mobile strategy, an industry imperative today, by using both iOS, Windows or Android mobile devices
  • Dramatically reduce terminal costs by using mobile consumer devices, like smartphones or tablets, instead of traditional PC-based terminals
  • Provide a better service and shopping experience to their customers
  • Empower store staff and increase service quality with a modern and more flexible solution that help staff while selling and assisting customers
  • Be more agile in front of seasonal demand situations which require more points of sale by simply adopting mobile devices during these periods

This new feature converts Openbravo for Retail in an even more compelling solution for retailers of different sizes and activity, that can access to a modern and more flexible solution, which can be easily tailored to their own special needs, giving them more agility and better TCO, while achieving real-time global visibility and efficiency on their business demands.

Are you expanding into new territories and/or new business areas, or just seeking for a solution to modernize your stores and provide better shopping experience with a state-of-the-art mobile POS solution? :
  • Are you an independent mid-sized brick-and-mortar retailer struggling to go mobile and interested to grow on-line? Openbravo for Retail can provide you strong store, e-commerce backend and corporate functionality, with a single source of truth
  • Are you an e-tailer seeking for a complete e-commerce backend solution to better manage your growing operations? Openbravo for Retail can be easily integrated with any e-commerce platform (Magento connector available for example). If you are thinking on opening pop-up stores for showrooming, Openbravo POS with mobile devices can also be a key element for a quick up&running
  • Are you a large brick and mortar retailer and want to protect your headquarters system investment while improving your stores operations? Openbravo POS is the perfect solution, easy to integrate with your current corporate system and from a single integration point
If you want to learn more about our solution:
Visit our Retail website section
Download our product brochure (Englishand Spanish)
Dowload our solution description (Englishand Spanish)
Happy retailing!

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